150+ Stanford On-Campus Computer Science Courses Available Online


Over the last decade, computer science has experienced a burst in popularity at Stanford. Last year, over twice as many Stanford undergrads majored in CS than in any other discipline. And Stanford’s CS curriculum has grown from a few core subjects to a tapestry of specializations and integrated disciplines.

Most of Stanford’s on-campus computer science courses have a companion website. Many are only open to Stanford students. But others are open to everyone, giving access to course materials such as slides, readings, and assignments. Some even provide video lessons — for instance: CS106BCS107CS110CS221CS229CS231n, and CS224N.

In this article, I compiled a list of over 150 Stanford on-campus computer science courses that are, to varying degrees, available online.


First, I built a list of Stanford’s CS offering by looking at their 2020 course catalog and Engineering Everywhere portalSecond, I checked the courses one by one to see which had a companion website. Third, I organized them into subjects according to Stanford’s own undergraduate and graduate guidelines. Fourth, I consolidated my findings into a dedicated list using Class Central’s Lists.

Note that this list only includes Stanford’s on-campus courses that have an online presence. To see a list of the university’s purely online courses and MOOCs, head to our Stanford online course catalog.

Stanford Core Courses

Systems Courses

Theory Courses

Data Structures & Algorithms Courses

Stanford Specialization Courses

Computer Systems Courses

Theoretical Computer Science Courses

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Courses

Computer & Network Security Courses

Information Management & Analytics Courses

Human-Computer Interaction Courses

Graphics Courses

Application Development Courses

Robotics Courses

Games Courses

Computing & Society Courses

Biocomputation Courses

Computer & Healthcare Courses

Other Courses